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本文摘要:Apple and Samsung are in advanced talks to join the rest of the telecoms industry to launch electronic Sim cards, in a move could fundamentally change how consumers sign up to mobile operators.苹果(Apple)、三星(Samsung)已就与电信业其他同行一道发售电子SIM卡转入了解谈


Apple and Samsung are in advanced talks to join the rest of the telecoms industry to launch electronic Sim cards, in a move could fundamentally change how consumers sign up to mobile operators.苹果(Apple)、三星(Samsung)已就与电信业其他同行一道发售电子SIM卡转入了解谈判阶段。此举可能会彻底转变消费者与移动运营商签下的方式。

The GSMA, the industry association which represents mobile operators worldwide, is close to announcing an agreement to produce a standardised embedded Sim for consumer devices that would include the smartphone makers.代表全世界移动运营商的行业协会——全球移动通信系统协会(GSMA)已相似发布一项协议,协议牵涉到的是生产一种面向消费者设备的标准化嵌入式SIM卡,智能手机生产商将参予其中。The traditional Sim card locks in the user to a network but an embedded Sim would enable a smartphone, tablet or wearable user to avoid locking themselves into a plan with a single operator or sign up to switch instantly.传统SIM卡将用户初始化在某个网络上,而嵌入式SIM卡将让智能手机、平板电脑或可穿着设备的用户需要仍然初始化在某一运营商的合约上,或者需要很快转换运营商。


Networks expected to support the plans include ATT, Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, Hutchison Whampoa, Orange, Telefónica and Vodafone.预计将反对电子SIM卡计划的网络还包括ATT、德国电信(Deutsche Telekom)、Etisalat、和记黄埔(Hutchison Whampoa)、Orange、西班牙电信(Telefónica)和沃达丰(Vodafone)。Anne Bouverot, chief executive of the GSMA, said all parties were heading towards an agreement for the “common architecture”.GSMA总干事安妮布弗罗(Anne Bouverot)回应,各方于是以希望就“联合架构”达成协议。However, with any deal still contingent on finalising the technical specifications it will be at least a year before any devices supporting the electronic Sim reach the market.然而,考虑到达成协议还要各不相同定案技术规格,起码要等到一年之后才不会有反对电子SIM卡的设备上市。


The GSMA said: “With the majority of operators on board, the plan is to finalise the technical architecture that will be used in the development of an end-to-end remote SIM solution for consumer devices, with delivery anticipated by 2016.”GSMA回应:“随着大多数运营商重新加入进去,现在的计划是定案将用作消费者设备端对端远程SIM解决方案研发的技术架构,预计将在2016年交付给。”Last year, Apple revealed its own Sim card for its latest iPads. However, it was supported by only a handful of operators such as T-Mobile and ATT in the US, and just EE in the UK. Those familiar with its UK rollout said that it had not been widely adopted.去年,苹果透露了用作其近期iPad的自家SIM卡。然而,该卡只获得少数几家运营商的反对,比如美国的T-Mobile和ATT,以及英国的EE(仅有此一家)。

那些理解苹果SIM卡在英国发售情况的人士回应,该卡没获得普遍使用。The electronic Sim is not expected to replace the Apple Sim, a piece of plastic that fits into a device and could be included in the next generation of iPhones.电子SIM卡预计会代替苹果SIM卡。

苹果SIM卡是一块能夹住设备里的塑料片,可能会在下一代iPhone上用于。The GSMA said it was “continuing to work with Apple to secure their support for the initiative. While we are optimistic, a formal agreement with them is still in progress.”GSMA回应,它于是以“之后与苹果合作,以保证他们反对这项倡议。

尽管我们深感悲观,但与他们的月协议仍在商讨当中。”Apple declined to comment.苹果拒绝接受置评。“We have got everyone back on one point, with Apple and Samsung agreeing to be part of that specification,” said Ms Bouverot. “We have been working with them and others to create an industry solution for machines and will agree a solution for consumer electronics.”“我们已把所有人都纳返回一点上,苹果和三星表示同意参予制订技术规格。”布弗罗回应,“我们仍然在与他们以及其他人合作,借此创立一个针对机器的行业解决方案,我们还将就一项针对消费电子产品的解决方案达成协议完全一致。



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