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本文摘要:To really learn, fail — then fail again!想要教给更加多?那么就放纵的告终吧!


To really learn, fail — then fail again!想要教给更加多?那么就放纵的告终吧!On a spring morning, Hogan had given each of her students a tool kit containing a plastic foam dinner plate, a balloon, a small plastic stirrer straw, a sharp pencil and masking tape.一个春天的早上,Hogan给她的学生每人发给一个工具箱,里面还包括一个塑料泡沫餐盘,一个气球,一个塑料加热瓶口,一个削尖的铅笔和一个胶条。She instructed her young inventors to use the parts in any way they wanted to make racing cars from the foam plates. They also were charged with figuring out how to propel those cars great distances across the floor. The kits balloon would be a key component of these rocket racers.她指导学生们开动脑筋用于她们想起的任何方法去利用泡沫盘制作一个赛车。并且他们还负责管理让小赛车在地上驱动行经。

毫无疑问,气球变为了推展赛车行经的主要元素。Kids in many classrooms across the United States are learning science in much the same way. Instead of explaining things to kids from the front of a classroom, teachers are beginning to instead guide from the side. They are nudging kids to become Edisons - tinkerers who learn by doing.美国的小孩在科学课上完全用于某种程度的方法自学,即老师再行不给孩子们介绍原理,而是从侧面应从,让他们自己动手操作者。

这样可以培育出有更加多的爱迪生---一位乐意实践中的思想者。A big take-home lesson from such projects is that there may be no one single right answer to a problem. There may instead be many. Along the path to discovering this, kids were being encouraged to propose theories - and then test them.这样可以带回家的实验项目是不限定版准确答案的,因为或许有很多答案。在这条谋求答案之路上,学生们可以明确提出自己的理论然后展开检验。

Along the way, many students will fail. Often, theyll fail many times. Perhaps not several thousand times (like Edison). But along the way they may just find out that by analyzing why something went horribly wrong, theyve learned a lot. And they can take ownership of that learning, knowing that they earned it from hard-won experience.在这条路上,许多学生会告终,而且不止一次,当然有可能会像爱迪生那样告终上千次。但只有通过去分析错误的原因,他们才不会教给更加多,才能获得某个科学知识的拥有权,才能确实体会到通过多次试验才能获得来之不易的结果。



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