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本文摘要:They must have known in Mountain View that the biggest howl would come from the press—all us news junkies, crying over our loss. For five years going there has been nothing better than Googles stripped-down RSS reader for plowing through s


They must have known in Mountain View that the biggest howl would come from the press—all us news junkies, crying over our loss. For five years going there has been nothing better than Googles stripped-down RSS reader for plowing through story after story with astonishing speed.山景城谷歌公司的人们一定告诉,最大声的哀嚎将来自媒体——来自我们这帮为损失大哭的新闻狂人。过去的五年中,谷歌自定义的RSS阅读器的新闻搜索速度难以置信,无人能及。

And now, come July 1st, it will be no more.而如今,从7月1日起,它将不复存在。The amount of information I gather on Reader in one-minute spurts, sprinkled throughout my day, still feels incredible. And best of all: the feeds are my own selection. As much as I love discovering content on Twitter, I adored tending my own garden, filling platform with feeds specific to my tastes. So my sentiments match those the Reddit thread dedicated to the shutdown, or the Twitter hashtag #savegooglereader, or the Hitler video (an old meme resuscitated for an old platform), or the Change.org petition: How can Google say dont be evil and then kill off a product so beloved?我花上一分钟用Reader搜集的信息量就能扩充我一天的生活,这一点至今依然让我实在不可思议。

最真是的是,它获取的内容都是我自己挑选出的。正如我讨厌在Twitter上“找到”信息一样,我热衷照顾自己的花园,在院子里摆放我讨厌的内容。所以我的心情就跟Reddit网站上致力于转变这个要求的人们一样,也可以用Twitter的标签#解救Google Reader、或者网上风行的戏仿视频《元首的气愤》来形容(古老的人物因为这个古老的读者平台而苏醒),还像Change.org上的请愿书一样:谷歌怎么可以一旁说道着“不害人”,一旁砍一个如此颇受用户青睐的产品呢?Googles explanation is terse: There are two simple reasons for this: usage of Google Reader has declined, and as a company were pouring all of our energy into fewer products. We think that kind of focus will make for a better user experience.谷歌的说明简明扼要:“有两个非常简单的原因:其一,Google Reader的使用量已增加;其二,作为一家公司,我们正在将所有的精力投放到更加较少的产品上。我们指出,这样的专心度需要建构更佳的用户体验。

”Both points are no doubt true. Or true-ish. Usage may have declined in sheer number of users, but Readers are a powerful bunch: We are nerds!这两点毫无疑问是知道,或者最少约是知道。用户使用率有可能显然减少了,但Reader的用户群是一帮网络约人:我们是网虫啊!Reader drives more traffic to websites than Google+, the social-media project Google seems focused on. This is a shame, and Im not just saying that because I will miss Google Reader terribly, but because Reader was a brilliant little social network. Emphasis on little. Even though Google took away most of the neat sharing functions in 2010, when it rolled out Google+, it still was one of the best ways to find stories and pass them on: on Twitter, Facebook, or even email.与谷歌重视的社交媒体业务Google+比起,Reader带给了更加多的网站流量。这很丢人,我这么说道并不是因为我会十分缅怀Google Reader,而是因为它显然是一个很出众的小型社交网络。留意小型这个词。

尽管谷歌在2010年发售Google+时砍了大多数杰出的共享功能,Reader依然是搜寻新闻、同时通过Twitter、Facebook甚至邮件传播这些消息的最佳途径之一。In a comprehensive look at the service, Rob Fishman summed it Readers role in the social web thusly: Facebook may well achieve an equilibrium, but it is social to a fault; the network, like a heaving, many-headed Narcissus, rallies mostly around itself. Reader pivoted on the fulcrum of content, unearthed and spread in equal parts.罗伯?费什曼全面分析了Reader这项服务,还总结了它在社交网络中扮演着的角色:“Facebook在保持平衡上做到得很好,但是它过分偏向社交了。


”Thats it exactly.此言不元神。Reader was a space for a very specific type of information junkie to gather and share other bits of information with other junkies/nerds. So Google is shutting Reader down because there werent enough nerds to make it worthwhile. Fine. Google is a massive company and no doubt sees better ways to make money.Reader是一个平台,协助那些特定的信息狂人搜集信息,同时和其他狂人共享信息。


谷歌是一家巨型公司,它当然告诉什么是更佳的生财之道。To my mind this speaks to a larger problem on the social web. The titans (Google, Facebook) dont seem content building smaller, more precious sideshows—they want to be the platform, the body to the many-headed Narcissus.我实在,这个变化突显了社交网络一个更大的问题。那些巨头(谷歌、Facebook)或许不符合于获取小型的精彩杂耍——他们想沦为称霸天下的平台,沦为能长出有多头水仙的躯干。

But why does there have to be just one social network, one platform, when we contain multitudes?但是当我们多元文化万物时,为什么不能有一个社交网络,一个平台呢?。



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