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个人微信公众号成潮流 66%的受访者已有或打算申请

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本文摘要:Running individual official accounts on social-networking app WeChat has become a new channel for Chinese people to express themselves, according to a survey.根据一项调查表明,通车个人微信公众号来传达自己的声音和观点早已沦为中国群众的一股近期潮流。


Running individual official accounts on social-networking app WeChat has become a new channel for Chinese people to express themselves, according to a survey.根据一项调查表明,通车个人微信公众号来传达自己的声音和观点早已沦为中国群众的一股近期潮流。At present many media organizations, companies and individuals in China have launched official accounts on WeChat, striving to attract more subscribers to expand their reach.目前,我国许多媒体的组织、公司以及个人都已在微信上通车公众号,力图以此来更有更加多用户的注目,提升知名度。Over 66 percent of 2,001 respondents said they are willing to set up individual official WeChat accounts, while 27.2 percent said they have already started such accounts.据对2001人展开的一项调查表明,有数多达66%的受访者有意愿申请人个人微信公众号,27.2%的受访者有数该类型公众号。


The survey, published Tuesday by the China Youth Daily, also said expressing feelings and views, as well as gaining popularity, are the top three reasons people want individual official accounts.中国青年报报社在本周二著手展开了涉及问卷调查。结果显示:记录生活,抒写情绪、创建个人观点平台、取得知名度是人们通车个人微信公众号最广泛的三大想法。


More than half of individual official accounts offer content concerning personal views and feelings, as well as entertainment and recreation information, the survey said.调查还表明,一半以上的个人公众号的内容是关于个人情感和观点的。此外,娱乐休闲娱乐方面的内容也占有多数。Wang Yiran, a college student in eastern Chinas Shandong Province, set up her public account on WeChat in August, sharing her travel notes, and comments on films or books.王亦然是山东某高校的一名学生,嗜好文学创作,她于今年8月通车了自己的公众号,内容牵涉到旅行游记、书评和影评等。

Despite only having 75 followers, Wang said she will keep posting updates, as she considers it a meaningful way to keep record of her daily life and to share opinions with others.虽然目前粉丝只有75人,但王亦然回应,公众号为自己获取了一个记录日常生活和与他人共享观点的平台,十分有意义,所以她回应自己不会之后改版下去。Of more than 540 respondents that have individual public accounts on WeChat, 5 percent claimed that they have built popular self-media brands using their accounts, while 12.2 percent said they had made money from the accounts through advertising.在540名早已通车公众号的被调查者当中,有5%的用户称之为自己早已通过利用账户打造出了自媒体品牌,而12.2%的用户回应通过公众号宣传取得了一定的收益。Meanwhile, 42.4 percent said their accounts had limited influence with only a few subscribers.与此同时,也有42.4%的用户回应,由于订阅者者数量较较少,自己的公众号的影响十分受限。



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